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Welcome to Sitebee Search Consultancy, we're a small team of freelancers that provide a wide spectrum of digital marketing and website development services. Our real expert niche is in technical SEO auditing and implementation, detecting and fixing those technically challenging issues that can deliver those quick-wins that improve website visibility and make a real difference to your bottom line.

Our technical SEO audits have a two weeks turnaround time and are conducted by agency-side freelance tech SEO experts.

Having trouble with one of your websites and cannot quite put your finger on what the cause is? Order a technical SEO audit from us and we'll forensically go through your website to root out the issues. We'll provide you with actionable recommendations in a client friendly format for you and your team to resolve those snags that have been bugging you, costing you money and causing a drop in your organic search rankings. Our technical SEO audits have a two weeks turnaround time and are conducted by agency-side freelance tech SEO experts. Our freelance team have conducted dozens of SEO audits for all types and sizes of companies. We can handle small websites with a few hundred URLs scaled right up to websites with tens of millions of URLs. Reach out to us today or order directly from us via our secure client and billing portal.

Our mission is to provide and deliver top-notch agency class services at a 3rd of peer agencies dayrates

What's unique about Sitebee, we aim to keep our overheads as low as possible. That basically means we do not rent expensive city centre office space. Our team work from home and hotdesk. Our boardroom and meeting rooms are Skype, your premises, Coffee Shops and Pubs throughout Greater Manchester and the North West. Our team are agency side professionals looking to expand and share their knowledge whilst earning a little extra to make life that little more comfortable. Our mission is to provide and deliver top-notch agency class services at a 3rd of peer agencies dayrates.

Technical SEO services, arming you with a better understanding how to increase conversions and revenues.

Find opportunities for growth by uncovering issues that could be affecting organic visibility and traffic. Book an in-depth assessment of all on-page technical aspects that impact organic traffic, targeting issues related to crawling, indexation, and visibility.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is about laying the foundation work to allow for the content to perform at its maximum capacity in organic search without the influence of external factors such as inbound links. It's about delivering the content to the visitors first and the search engines second. It means that visitors and search engines can visit and browse your website without hindrance, blockages and impaired performance. If Technical SEO was a car it would be the chassis, the engine, and the wheels all being expertly maintained by F1 mechanics. The driver would be the content, having the ride of his life.

How can Technical SEO help you?

Technical SEO helps visitor user experience, it helps visitors navigate freely around your website without any technical or performance hindrance. If you're finding that repeat visitor numbers are decreasing it could point to an underlying technical issue such as page speed performance or poorly implemented framework revisions. Those snags can hit your bottom line hard. Technical SEO is about detecting those underlying issues and prioritising in effectiveness the order of resolution. The results being improved website performance, an increase in conversions and an uplift on your bottom line.

On-Site Technical Auditing

Uncovering the issues that could be impacting on your bottom line do not have to be time-consuming. Performing an on-site technical SEO can be completed within a matter of hours or a few days. Our time-served Tech SEO Consultants will perform a thorough deep analysis of the site to uncover the obstacles past and present that represent a threat to the performance in Organic Search. Deep tool-led scans and onsite diligence will identify those kinks in the chain. From indexing, semantic markup, server performance and information architecture. If it's a problem we'll find it and show you and your team how to fix it.

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Expert Technical SEO audit to improve your website's conversions

Unlock the full potential of your content and products, arm yourself with a detailed analysis to see if your website is fit for purpose. You could have the best content writers in the world working for you, but if the content is falling at the first hurdle that could be costly and detrimental to your brand. Give them the credit they deserve by ensuring that their content is discoverable for potential visitor and fully search engine friendly.

We understand the different factors that could positively or negatively impact your website's search rankings. Therefore, we will scrutinise every aspect. Covering all bases to address any technical SEO issues, we will look at website structure, sitemaps, robots.txt, headings and content formatting, internal linking strategy, inbound link quality, canonicalization, redirection & redirect chains, structured data (schema), pageload speed, server config, Javascript (AngularJS), bloated code and thin content.

Going over whole checklist of best practices to ensure your website is on the path to being fully-optimized, ready to move up the search rankings. We'll also conduct manual sense checking that auditing tools can often miss.

Performing an technical SEO audit requires an in-depth look at from every imaginable angle. Deciphering what tasks need doing in order of priority, and impact level. We will provide you with a detailed analysis, firstly outlining the issues, providing actionable recommendations to address them.

Indexation (Indexing)

Search Engines will only index pages their algorithm's deem of some to the Search Engine users. Your website could be losing out on valuable organic traffic simply because there's too many pages on your website, exceeding your (current) allotted Google crawl budget. We will help you identify and overcome any indexing issues your website may be experiencing. Pro Tip: Look in Google Search Console at the Index Status report. Does that count match the pages served up on your website or in the XML sitemap?

Blocked & Near-duplicate URLs

A common issue found on medium-to-large websites is blocked off resources and near-duplicate URLs. Overzealous developers can often block Googlebot from areas of the site that contain important information and resources. As a result, those areas of the website will not get indexed. Which translates into lost opportunities. Another issue is near-duplicate URLs, 2 or more pages with nearly identical content. E-commerce sites frequently run into those snag with pagination, reviews, sort, limit and order functionality.

Experts in performing Technical SEO Audits

SEO Auditing Services Manchester & throughout the UK.
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With a thorough SEO audit, it's possible to discover the untapped potential of your website

Focused on understanding what makes a tangible difference to your business, ensuring maximum ROI. Covering, but not limited to:

  • Internal Linking
  • Redirection & Redirect Chains
  • Indexability
  • Flagging Thin Content
  • Image Indexation
  • Canonical Strategy
  • Reducing Bounce Rate
  • SERP Canibalisation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Structured Data (Schema)
  • Crawl Budget Optimisation
  • Page Resources
  • Site Speeds
  • Mobile Rendering
  • AMP
  • International SEO(HREFLANG)
  • XML Sitemaps
  • External Influences
  • CDN Usage & Config
  • Minify CSS & JavaScript
  • 4XX & 5XX Responses

We'll go over the findings of our SEO audit on a conference call that explains what the issues are, and more importantly, what we recommend you do about them. You'll receive the full report with actionable SEO recommendations that will help you improve your rankings, increase traffic from organic search, and ultimately drive more sales and conversions.

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What happens next – should you wish to proceed and use Sitebee Search Consultancy to perform and SEO Audit. Please complete the booking form, ensuring you have the correct website address, adding any information you feel would be relevant. We will contact you via email to discuss a convenient time to talk over the phone. The phone call is to help identify any issues with organic visibility or website issues that you know about. When the audit is complete you will receive a document detailing all of the conducted tests and examinations, outlining any potential issues. We will also follow it up with a phone call explaining all areas of the document to help you with better understanding what work and resources is required. We would be happy to undertake any further SEO consultation work should you wish to appoint us.

Some of our customers may not have any issues with their website, they order an audit report for piece of mind. Ensuring they are following best practice techniques. Although, in almost all cases we have identified room for improvement that has not been previously thought about. Such as internal linking opportunities, indexability and crawl budget optimisation.

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Investing in Digital Marketing

How many people these days look towards the classified section in the local newspapers anymore? It's a dwindling form of effective advertising. Companies are now starting to engage with potential customers via the Internet, and Google. Free services such as Google my Business will help you attract new customers, PPC campaigns can also deliver ROI if optimised correctly. Organic search strategies such as SEO can deliver a greater ROI over PPC, it can take longer. That's why you need to see it as a longer-term business investment.

Delivering Results

We're Manchester SEO consultants, we're not miracle workers. Our business strategy is entirely based on helping other businesses succeed online. And while we are being honest and transparent, SEO is not for everyone. It's a time-consuming process, the rewards depend on how well businesses work with us, just as much as the other way round. Pick up the phone or drop us an email to discuss how this working relationship can develop. We work hard, but you first need to understand the fundamentals of how Search Engine Optimisation works.

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